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Month: January 2018

Preparation Climbing Cartenz Peak

Cartenz is one of the mountains that has a peak covered by eternal snow and is one of the seven highest mountains in the world. The mountain that has a height of 4,884 meters above sea level and is the highest mountain in Indonesia. The mountain is known among climbers by the name of Cartenz Pyramid or Puncak Jaya.

The dream of climbing the foot at the top of Cartenz is not an easy thing to manifest, besides the need to prepare the physical abilities and field recognition, cost preparation also needs to be considered. The reason to be able to participate in one expedition to Cartenz each person need to prepare a fee that is not small.

A professional climber, Tri Hardiyanto, who is completing the mission “7 Summits Indonesia in 100 Days” said, climbing to Cartenz can not be done independently, in other words a climber must use the services of climbing operators to get to Cartenz.

“Me and some climbers who’ve been there must use the services of travel operators. Their fee is set, the fee usually includes accommodation, logistics, and licensing. Each operator is different about price. But certainly in general, major climbing expeditions definitely use the services of operators. Abroad like this is normal, “said Tri explains.

Meanwhile, Rahman, one of the managers of Indonesia Expeditions, operators who serve climbing to Cartenz said, to be able to Cartenz expedition each climber at least must provide a cost of about Rp 80 million. This value includes ground transportation in Nabire City, Nabire – Sugapa – Nabire pioneer aircraft, porter, consumption and accommodation during the expedition.

“The value also includes the licensing of Intan Jaya government and indigenous peoples, same hotel in Nabire and homestay in Suwanggama.

Rahman further explained, for one expedition Cartenz takes a relative time. If using the climbing route via Sugapa can spend up to 18 days, including departure time from Jakarta to return to Jakarta.

“If in the forest alone or during the climb it can take 10 to 14 days” Rahman said.

Although only intended for professional climbers, security issues during the ascent are also important things that are highly regarded operators escpedisi. Rahman said that for the sake of security during the ascent, in each expedition, his side has prepared a license directly coordinating with the TNI (Indonesian National Army) / Police, guidance from competent and experienced guide, safe logistics preparation, security equipment support, to medical preparation and service quality.

“We are also assisted by local community coordinators, and our porters are local people,” Rahman said.

Happy hiking.

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