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  Now I Remember That Island

Written on May 22, 2017   By   in Uncategorized

My wife and I were planning a vacation and throwing out some ideas for locations. I mentioned Japan, but my wife thought it would be better to go in the winter. She mentioned Europe, but we had been to Europe the previous year and I was looking to go somewhere that I hadn’t been before. There was one island in Hawaii that was interesting to me, but I just couldn’t remember what it was called. I was trying to think of the name of Hawaii Big Island, not realizing that it was literally Big Island. My wife helped me remember and I made the suggestion that we should go there.

I thought Hawaii would be a good place to get away and my wife agreed. She wanted to try her hand at surfing on some of the Hawaiian waves, and I wanted to get my hands on some of the delicious Hawaiian cuisine. We found a nice piece of property to stay on for our vacation that was pretty luxurious. My wife and I were thinking about whether we should take the trip via coach or first class. I was more for coach because it would allow us to save money, but my wife was leaning to first class.

My wife made the interesting point that since we were going on vacation, we should live a little and give first class a try. I’ve always been curious about just how good it is to sit in first class. I booked the first class tickets and my wife and I started packing. I felt like such a celebrity sitting in first class. Speaking of which, we actually saw a few on the plane. The seats were more comfortable than the coach class seats. In a way, it was like sitting on a hotel inside of an airplane.