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Things To Do In Singapore At Night

Written on November 30, 2016   By   in Uncategorized

Singapore is no doubt one of the most renowned places in Asia as it has one of the most beautiful tourist attractions around. Tourists who choose the country are always in for a treat. Here, you will find some of the most amazing species of animals, with the Bengal white tiger definitely featuring up there. Most of the best attraction sites in Singapore come to life at night. Here are some of the areas you ought to visit while in Singapore;

The Trishaw Ride around Bugis area


This is the ideal place for night shoppers. It is popularly known for the night bazaar market along the ever busy Bugis street. Here, you will find a large number of shoppers browsing through the stalls with bargains at every corner. Even more, tourists can be taken through a night tour that starts at the Riverside Dining along the River of Singapore. It comes to an end at the Raffles Hotel.

The Night Safari

The Singapore Night Safari is said to be home to over 135 animal species. It covers a 90-acre stretch of thick rain forest that attracts over one million visitors per year. Since it was opened in 1994, the park hasn’t lost its popularity even the tiniest bit. The place comes to life at night, offering the tourists a wonderful experience and large variety of activities to choose from. The Himalaya Zone is home to some of the animals at the park,eg. the markhor goats. The Indian sub-continent is just nearby and it packs a few surprises of its own. Here, you will find animals like striped hyenas, gir lions and sloth bears. The Equatorial Africa area has animals like zebras, red river hogs, Burmese black bears, banteng among others. In the Wallaby section, tourists can find the Naracoorte Cave. Visitors are cautioned to be careful as the place is full of venomous creatures like scorpions. A 20-minute night show is aired to give visitors a look into how nocturnal animals go about their hunting at night.

The Wings of Time

This is a mega visual display that will surely amaze you. At night the display has bright lights that brighten up the evening sky,creating a perfect night scene.

The Clarke Quay

The Clarke Quay is an ideal place to visit and spend your night away. The serenity and cool breeze of the place will leave you mesmerized.

Singapore Night River Cruise

To complete your visit in Singapore, make sure you take the Singapore Night River Cruise. It is by far one of the most fun and enjoyable attractions in Singapore. It is advisable to take the tour at night when the air is cool and fresh. Besides the sheer serenity of the area, you will also get a chance to marvel at beautiful Singapore night sceneries at your disposal.

Singapore night attractions will surely give you an experience that you have never seen before. The next time you plan on visiting Singapore, make sure you stop by and take a breather at these attractions. If you already live in Singapore, you can as well check out the places and be sure to invite your friends to enjoy the fun.