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What Happens when Your Replacement Fails to Get a Limo for a VIP

Written on October 10, 2016   By   in Uncategorized

I was off work on vacation and my temporary replacement actually called a cab for a VIP’s trip back to the airport. Wow! That was such an issue that I was even asked why I had not covered that in my training notes. I actually did, but you cannot get people to follow directions even when it is in their best interest. I thought the poor person was going to have to start over again at an entry-level job. I told them to rent a limo from Platinum. The person even knew it as Platinum Party Bus rental in Toronto because of just recently renting a party bus for their wedding.

We never use cabs for moving VIPs. We like professional drivers that have experience with people who are used to a certain mode of travel. We usually have a uniformed professional driver show up in a nice big sedan with a big trunk to hold luggage. When we had a team in from the main corporate offices, we rented a stretch limo to get them to and from the airport. The same company has the nice buses used for weddings, proms and parties. Party buses are the next big thing in event transportation, especially since you can stand up and move around inside them. However, the regular sedan, SUV and stretch limos still have their purpose. My standard request is for a big black sedan or SUV limo with the best driver they got. We have some picky VIPs where I work, and that is why we just do not use cabs.

My temporary replacement while I was on vacation came to me and apologized for messing up the transportation routine for the executive. I explained how my notes were to help them more than it was for me. They promised to follow directions next time, but I doubt if my boss will ever risk a repeat of that happen the next time I go on vacation. It’s okay though. It works out for better job security for me.