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Making My Dad Proud Was My Main Motivation

Written on September 2, 2016   By   in Uncategorized

When I told my dad that I dreamed of becoming a DJ and going out on the club tour circuit, he chuckled. He imagined me being a DJ at bar mitzvahs and weddings. He imagined me struggling in life. But being the type of DJ that I envisioned wasn’t about struggle, it was about making it big. When I became good enough at my craft to start going out on the circuit, I wanted to show dad what I could do. I called the Toronto Diamond Limo party bus company rent one for the night. I figured dad wouldn’t mind coming to a club one night to hear me do my thing, but rather than subject him and mom to that at their age, I realized a bus would be perfect.

My parents had heard me down in the basement practicing for many years. Friends who were interested in the same line of work that I was often told me they knew I was going to make it to the big time, but that they were not so lucky. They all said there was something special about what I do. For the first time in my life, I believed them. I ended up playing at a club one night where a really big concert promoter happened to be in the audience. He signed me that same night.

My idea with the bus was to get as close as I could to club surroundings without all the young people being part of the equation. I just wanted my parents, my siblings and closest friends there. I planned to tell them that I had signed a million dollar contract. I fretted about telling them before or after doing some DJ work for them. I decided to do it beforehand. Everyone was so happy. I passed out champagne. Then I turned down the lights while the lights started swimming around the room to the music and me working my magic for everyone to see.