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A Night to Hardly Remember

Written on August 14, 2016   By   in Uncategorized

My head is still spinning after going out with my friends to celebrate my birthday. They rented a Toronto party bus and we went around eating and drinking. I was surprised that I didn’t vomit from how much I ate. It was a good thing that we went out on the weekend, because I had a massive hang over the next day, and couldn’t move without my head throbbing. The whole night was quite a blur, but it was a fun one. There’s just one thing that made the night sour, and that was my lost phone.

I remember having my phone with me various times throughout he night, but I have no idea when it became missing. I searched everywhere, and called my friends to see if they had it, but no one did. It wasn’t on the party bus either, and I called the bus company to make sure that it wasn’t still sitting on one of the seats. I had just bought that phone the month before, and it was pretty expensive because I bought it unlocked. My first thought was to call the phone and see if anyone would answer it, but I decided against that.

I figured if I called and the person who had the phone shut it off, I would have no way of knowing where it was. Instead I would have to find the phone using a website and the phone’s GPS tracking. It showed that the phone was located in one of the clubs we went to that night. I called the club owner and asked him if I he had a phone in his lost and found, and told him the phone number and described it. He told me that I could come down to the club and pick up the phone at any time.